Liquid Calories, are you mad?

Liquid calories? Does this even enter your mind when trying to diet? This is a great little infographic taken from @cartergood over on Instagram.

Most people don’t even realise that there favourite breakfast fruit drink is killing their weight loss goals.

But as you can easily see from the pic is that just a few drinks a day can be taken you easily 400 calories over the top, and that’s just a few.

I love coffee, and fortunately for me, I like it black without sugar. Which is virtually calorie free. However, what I see when I go into a coffee shop is people ordering the fancy macchiato with drizzles of syrup on top.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these, although a bit sickly for me. However what people may not realise is that these bad boys can contain whacking number of calories some even up to 500. Which is mind-blowing for a drink. Even a late can add up to 200.

Soft drinks, full-fat versions are another killer on the daily calorie intake. 1 200ml bottle of cola = 200 calories.

So next time you’re grabbing a coffee, why not try swapping it up for a back or americano or if you’re hell-bent on that morning latte to make sure to track it. Personally, I’d rather have that 200 calories for something edible.

Soft drinks go for the zero-calorie version. Don’t worry guys, despite what the media may spout, these won’t kill you are make you fat.