Fad Diets Boil My Piss!

This must be one of my favourite bits of content because it shows why all these fad diets work.

I call them fad diets because personally, I don’t see too many of them being a sustainable approach that you could maintain for a long period of time. I also can’t imagine them being too enjoyable. 

What really gets my back up is when some half-wit spouts out some drivel along the lines of “well I’ve been keto for 4 weeks now and I’ve lost weight”

No shit Sherlock, you’ve just completely cut out an entire food source from your diet. Therefore, your overall calorie intake is imaginably going to be much lower.

You see all these diets will work if you are in a calorie deficit, but the vast majority of them are too rigid, not enjoyable or involve going long periods without food.

If this is something you want to do then crack on, but personally I’d rather not cut out carbs, not cut out fats, not eat for 12 hours or only eat “clean food”. 

But let’s be realistic, you will get stuck into maybes last 4-6 weeks, see results, then take a break from it and go back to your old ways.
Why get stuck in this cycle, why not have full control over your diet and know how to manage it to meet your goals.
If you would like any help with your nutrition hit me up! I’d love to help you break this cycle.

Coach Milli.