“Flexible Dieting”

You may have noticed the use of “” in my title, and this purely down to the fact that I dislike the word “diet”. For me, the term “going on a diet” or “being on a diet” implicates the fact you are after a short-term fix with no longevity and ultimately you will end up back where you first started. Which is going back on another “diet”
Let’s look at this with some logic and reason, whether you realise it or not. You have been on a diet your whole life. That is simply because all a diet consists of is what you shovel into your mouth day in day out. Unfortunately for some of us, we have a poor understanding of what/how much we should be putting into said mouth.

Now I hold my hands up here as this was me a few years back, mindlessly pondering along with no consideration as to the quantity or quality of what I was eating. Constantly wondering why I couldn’t drop body fat.
That was until I come across the approach of flexible dieting, this was introduced to me by a good friend and now fellow colleague Mark Beckham. At first, the idea of it was a mind field, I struggled to get my head around it. The logic of it made sense, but something neurologically wired into my head was telling me this is wrong.
I seemed to be eating way more than I ever had, yet I was dropping body fat and getting to the best shape of my life. Please note that by the best shape of my life I am not walking around like Thor, far from it in fact, but for me, it was a breakthrough.

So what is “Flexible Dieting”?
Science dictates that to lose weight we must be in a calorie deficit, which means we need to burn more calories then we consume. Simple really yeah? To be honest this was what we were told in school. For some reason or another, the population hasn’t really been educated enough on how to keep track of this and fathom out how much that figure is.

Once we have worked this out that’s where this approach really comes into play, you see once we know what amounts we should be eating, we are then free to make our own choices on foods. Thus, not be dictated to by a set regime/diet. You decide on what you want to eat, now that’s not me giving you permission to go and eat a days’ worth of doughnuts, far from it. Our body still needs to be fueled with nutritious food. However, it does give you the flexibility to still enjoy a treat or go out and socialise with friends.

I won’t lie to you, for some this approach can be a little daunting and confusing, but I promise you that once you get your head around it, you will see results.

As a client of JM Fitness, you will receive all the support and guidance needed to make this approach a regular part of your life, as it should be. I will look to educate you on how to work out your daily calories dependent on your desired goals. Calorie calculators. Meal ideas and approaches to planning meals.

Coach Milli.

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