Meal prep, should we or shouldn’t we be prepping our meals? I love this one, as I know it splits opinions. You see it all over social media pictures of people’s meal prep, the endless rows on the kitchen bench of Tupperware. Shit, you’d think a nuclear fallout was about to happen, they have enough food prepped to keep a small family going for months.

Sarcasm aside though, meal prep obviously has its benefits and they are in an abundance.  Let’s have a look,

You know exactly what’s going into your meals, therefore tracking calories and planning ahead is easier,

Its way more convenient than actually having to go looking for food during the day at work or even coming home and cooking in the evening.

Its way more cost-effective, for £5 you can prep a week’s worth of lunch.

Your far more likely to stay on track, having gone to the effort of cooking and preparing your food.

All that being said though, I feel a lot of people feel pressured to prep, and also feel like a failure in their pursuit for fat loss if they don’t conform to the Tupperware brigade.

What if for one second, you can’t cook, don’t like to cook, don’t have time to cook in bulk.

If this is the case then don’t feel like a failure, don’t let this knock you off track with your goals. Instead plan ahead a little, take 5 minutes to research where you will be getting your food from, make smart decisions, learn to read the labels of foods and track them.

At the end of the day, if your goal is fat loss, then this can be achieved by never prepping a meal in your life, as long as you keep on track of your intake.

Next time you are grabbing lunch on the go, just take a few minutes to actually look at what you are picking up, look at the calories, does it fit into your calorie allowance for your goals, is it high in protein? or is it extremely calorific and likely to put you into a caloric surplus without realising?

Take home, yes it will be more beneficial in the long run, but please don’t feel like it’s a must to achieve your goals.

Coach Milli

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