Hybrid Coaching


My hybrid coaching plan is a 6-week programme.

This plan is only available to clients in the surrounding area of South Tyneside. Within the 6 weeks, you will receive 1 face to face session a week held at Blacksheep Fitness Academy, this is a private facility kitted out with some of the best strength and conditioning equipment.
Alongside this, you will be given a gym or home-based programme to take away along with this your calories and macros will also be mapped out to steer to you towards your goals.
You will be educated on all things flexible dieting from how to track calories correctly and consistently to still enjoying your social life whilst dieting.
Across the 6 weeks, you will have direct contact with my self via a secure dedicated app (Telegram) so you will still have the full support you need from my self.
Our 1-1 training sessions will also be a chance to catch up and reflect on how the programme is going and a chance for you to ask any questions you want with regards to your training and nutrition.