The problem with clean eating…

“But I eat clean all the time”

I hear this one a lot form people who are struggling to lose weight. They then proceed to tell me what they eat and yes, you cant disagree, they are eating what you would class as “clean”.

So non-processed, whole foods. However, the problem lies in the fact they are not tracking or they seem to think these foods can be eaten in an abundance.

One of the biggest culprits has to be nuts, undeniably a “clean food” that’s nutritionally good for you. But these little seemingly harmless things are extremely calorific. A small handful of cashew nuts can easily contain 300-500 calories. What’s worse, if you are not weighing them you could easily be overshooting the 500 calories.

Nut Butters!! You see these classed as “paleo” and “healthy”. Again though, as you can now imagine these are also extremely high in calories and people have a tendency to spread this on thick.

Avocado, the elixir I’ve heard it coined before. Again contains some really healthy fats that are good for you, but being high in fat it is also rather high in calories not surprisingly. One medium avocado can contain up to 230 calories.
Coconut Oil thought to be the answer to healthier cooking oil, contains healthy fats and even claimed to help burn fat. wow!
What it is, is high in calories, more so than olive oil. So if you do use this to cook with don’t just be slapping it in the pan with a trowel.

I could go on, but I hope you get the picture by now if you see something labelled “clean”, “healthy” or “raw” be careful. These foods still contain calories and the vast majority contain a lot.

Try not to brandish foods as good or bad, this forms an unhealthy relationship with food.

Make sure, regardless of whether you think its “clean” or “healthy” you are in control of your portion sizes and you know the calories contained.
This is why I use calorie counting as a tool with my clients.
Give it a try, next time you have a handful of nuts, weigh them first then check the label to see how many calories are contained in that one portion. I guarantee it will come as a surprise.

Want to know more on tracking calories then drop me a message.